Your Inquiries Answered


Why are we here?

As the world population is rapidly increasing so does the demand for animal-based foods, but the world simply doesn't have enough resources to meet this demand. Since we all love cheese, we decided to develop a novel and sustainable way of producing it.  Using our approach we are able to take animals out of the equation while continuing to enjoy high-quality cheese.

How do you make your dairy proteins?

Our dairy proteins are identical to the ones found in cow's milk but made only by using plants. We use genetic engineering to teach plants how to make high-quality functional dairy proteins.

Is your cheese vegan?

Yes! we are 100% vegan.
We only use cow's DNA to create dairy proteins in plants. Not even a single cow was harmed in the process.

How healthy is your cheese?

Our cheese is healthier and has all the nutritional values of traditional cheese. It only contains dairy proteins together with vegetable-oils and plant-based sugar. 

We made sure to leave out the bad things such as growth hormones, lactose, antibiotic residues, and pus. 

Will it cost the same as traditional dairy?

Our vision is to provide every person with an affordable alternative to cheese.

Our technology is so efficient that we are able to sell cheese at the same price we know today.

Are you looking for partnerships?

We are happy to connect with partners that are also working on changing the global food system.
Please send us an email to learn more.